High quality and hot sale plastic snowshoes
High quality and hot sale plastic  snowshoes




1. snow shoes for walking on heavy snow

2. light and strong

3. Color: red


5. Size: 21x63-71cm

6. Adjust binding efficiency and ergonomics

7. Accepts Lightning tails to add additional flotation for heavier loads and less supportive snow

8. Packing: carrying bag or color box


Popular design

Colors may vary

the right tool for winter conditions

provide traction in all conditions

To be effcient when you are moving throgh rolling terrain

1,We can offer full range of snowshoes, such as plastic snowshoes, alu snowshoes

 2,different style : hiking , back country trail snowshoes for men  women and kids

 3. differnt choices for binding , such as double ratchet binding, single ratchet binding , 1-pull binding

 4.differnet choices for the material of the crampons such as Alu  steel etc